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Evolutionary Astrology for the Soul





What is it in us that survives death?  The mind and memories do not; thus we donít remember who we were, where we were, what we were doing in prior lifetimes.  What survives is the feeling tone, the emotional imprint of who we were and what we experienced, the frustrations of people and situations that blocked or hurt us (including ourselves), the things we longed for but could not attain or achieve. 


How is that relevant today?  Though past experiences/lives have certainly been many and varied, the soul came to embody a set of specific characteristics, to have specific types of experiences, and opportunities to grow in certain ways.  The natal (birth) chart shows:


  • Experiences that are ripe to be integrated, healed and transcended
  • Characteristics and skills and experiences that are calling for our evolutionary development
  • Challenges we must overcome in order to reach toward that evolutionary development


As nothing remains stagnant in life or nature, facets of our natal chart seem to shimmer and catch our attention strongly for a while, then fade to the background as other facets come forth...  This dance is reflected in transits and progressions that activate patterns in the chart with the passing of time (and planets).  At different times, various energies in the natal chart are highlighted:  stresses are emphasized, reprieves circle around, the call to transcend something leaps forth to challenge us, the evolutionary vision seems a bit easier to imagine and begin integrating.  Evolutionary astrology helps us understand how those dances of energy bring us opportunities to grow and evolve. 


Understanding the strengths and challenges reflected in our natal charts gives us the peace of self-understanding, and confirmation of what we've been experiencing and feeling in our lives.  It can help us see blind spots within us, and encourage confidence in ourselves and our abilities.  The insights of transits and progressions to our natal charts help us understand the opportunities presenting themselves to us now... how natal strengths are highlighted and can be more easily cultivated and utilized, and how our natal challenges are being stimulated for transformation if we will engage with them. 


Are you interested in digging deep, understanding yourself and your soulís evolutionary intention, and making the most out of this lifeís opportunities? 




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Himat Kaur at 3HO Summer Solstice Event

Himat Kaur will have a booth in the bazaar at the 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana event in Espanola, NM, June 20-28, 2014.  Contact Himat in advance or stop by the booth to book a session during your time in Espanola. 






The Uranus-Pluto Squares of 2012-2015


Himat Kaur taught a class on the Uranus-Pluto Squares at the 2012 Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration at Ram Das Puri in Espanola, New Mexico.      


There is a series of seven squares of Uranus and Pluto, between June 24, 2012, and March 16, 2015.  The last major aspect between these two outer planets was their conjunction (coming "together") in the sky during the tumultuous and breakthrough years of the 1960s. 


In this lecture, Himat explained what these planets are stimulating in us energetically--individually, culturally, and as an evolving humanity.  Himat included information from Yogi Bhajan's teachings on the Aquarian Age, exploring what was seeded in humanity in the 1960s, how those potentials are being challenged with the waxing square aspect between Uranus and Pluto, and how we can continue to evolve, cultivating those potentials over time. 


In keeping with the solstice event's focus on kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Himat Kaur suggested specific ways to use kundalini yoga and meditation to intentionally dance with Uranus and Pluto more effectively, clearing what needs to be cleared and tapping into the potentials they can bring when worked with consciously. 


To order a copy of the lecture, click the PayPal button, or email Himat Kaur at: HimatKaur@EvolveWithAstrology.com

Cost: $10 plus tax and shipping






Start with an  Evolutionary Natal Consultation to gain a solid understanding of your soul's intentions for healing and evolution.  

Follow up periodically with a Transits and Progressions Consultation to see how that natal picture is evolving over time.

Request an Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana Consultation to help energize your evolutionary intentions, and to balance the energy of transits and progressions.


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I felt deeply understood and supported in my life during the conversation I had
with Himat Kaur.  Thank you for generously blending the insights and the tools
of two wonderful healing traditions."
- Janis (Tejpreet Kaur), on her Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana Consultation  



I have had many Western and Vedic astrology readings over the years, and while I have a good understanding of my basic chart, I never heard anyone explain... why things are the way they are.  Himat explained the karmic energies in a way that helps understand my life, and feel empowered to make helpful changes and live more purposefully.  So far above and beyond the norm."
- Anonymous, on her Evolutionary Natal Consultation  



Himat Kaur's insights are amazing.  I felt absolutely seen and understood.  I highly recommend her."
- Joanne, on her Evolutionary Natal Consultation


Himat Kaur shares her insights of your chart in a way that is empowering and relevant to the deep spiritual journey that we are all on.  She has beautiful insights and helps me think about things in new ways whenever we talk. "
- Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa



I've had other transit/progression readings before, where the astrologer focused on predicting events for the next year.  That's always fun and interesting, but I haven't found the predictions coming true.  Himat's approach is so rich and deep, because she helps me understand the influences and evolutionary undercurrents that I can purposefully work with to navigate my life and improve myself in specific ways.  I really value Himat's approach and get so, so, so much out of it."
- Kevin on his Transits and Progressions Consultation